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    GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence
    Final Conference
    9-10 November 2015 - Potsdam, Germany

    The GRACE Final Conference on 9th-10th November 2015 in Potsdam, Germany (near Berlin), will mark the end of GRACE, a research project funded by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme from 2012-2015.

    GRACE pursues two key research objectives:
    • Firstly, it aims to provide comprehensive reviews of the existing evidence on the health, environmental and socio-economic impacts of GM plants – considering both risks and possible benefits. GRACE reviews go beyond what has been done so far and are conducted in a highly systematic, transparent and inclusive way, based on concepts of systematic reviews and evidence maps. Both types of evidence synthesis tasks have been proposed or used as a valuable tool to support policy making in many areas including medicine, environmental studies, social studies, and - more recently - food safety. In the context of GMO risk research and risk assessment systematic evidence synthesis methods are fairly new and their potentials were investigated in the frame of the GRACE project.
    • Secondly, GRACE evaluates animal feeding trials (90-day, 1-year) and alternative methods for use in GMO risk assessment. This is a particular topical issue as the need for mandatory animal feeding studies in GMO risk assessment in the European Union will be evaluated in 2016.

    General conference information, registration information and registration form, accomodation information, and other details are available at
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